Online registration will end tomorrow at 4:00 PM. You can also grab a form and meet us at Baitmasters Outdoors in wagoner from 4-6 pm to sign up and grab a few things before you hit the water.

We are headed to the lake with a record number of entries and looking forward to a great turnout.

Notes on the lake. Target level for Saturday will be 563.25. This means the big ramp on the southside of the pavilion will not be useable, but the north side will be just fine. Lake is safe, only place we have seen any issues with debris is up the river around the islands starting at Party Island.

We will be taking entries at the ramp and launching from the small ramp north of the pavilion. Since this is a trailering event we are asking if you are paid up please consider one of the following ramps to use, Cypress Cove Marina & Giggle Fish Grill or Paradise Cove across the bridge on hwy 51. If you still need to register please come see us at the Taylors Ferry North ramp to get paid up and launch. We will have staff members there handing out entry forms and collecting ramp fees to make things go smooth.

We will have the ramp lighted with our Pelican Professional RAL Lighting to help you see where you need to go.

Staff is meeting tonight at Zebco to discuss the logistics and finalize a plan.

Please check the website on your way to the event to see any notices first hand

We want to thank the Tulsa District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Ft Gibson Lake office for the support and solid line of communication to help this event continue as scheduled.


See you on the water..


Lake Levels



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