1. Participation:  Each official entry in the qualifying event will receive one ticket per team. Only 1 ticket per qualified entry is allowed. Two tickets will be randomly selected from these entries for a chance to match their weight.
  2. Contest Date : The contest will only be valid on the competition dates and times specified in the official tournament rules.
  3. Match Fish Weight Definition: The official Matching Fish Weight will be defined as the  2 Decimal Places (0.00 – 0.99)  displayed as the total weight minus penalties on the original weigh-slip given at weigh-in.
  4. Disqualification:  Any violation of the official tournament rules or failure of a polygraph will be grounds for immediate disqualification.
  5. Witnesses:  Two witnesses representing the Wagoner Chamber of Commerce must be present for the duration of the contest
  6. Winner Verification / Payment:   If a team successfully matches their weight to the winning number it must be verified by the official tournament director, and a senior representative from the Wagoner Chamber of Commerce before it is declared a win. Payment can take up 2 days to clear the processing center.
  7. Ties:  If both participants in the contest have a tied weight displayed on their weigh-slip and that matches the winning number the money will be split evenly between the winners.
  8. Taxes: Winners of the contest will be required to submit a W-9 in full to the Wagoner Chamber of Commerce before the official payment can be processed.